Morrison Foerster at the Andaz Hotel

The Andaz Hotel is a beautiful, upscale hotel in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego. This hotel is specifically known for its classy and contemporary feel and its close proximity to all of the restaurants, bars, and shopping in the center of the city.

The Andaz bar was the perfect setting for Morrison Foerster co-workers and friends to catch up over drinks, play poker with friends, and snap a few fun photos with us.

At the holiday party, guests had the opportunity to choose between two different backgrounds for their photos, either Game of Thrones or holiday party sparkles. They loved taking advantage of the green screen with any green apparel that they were wearing, as you can see in the first photo on the left with one of the guests having a floating head! Overall, the guests enjoyed leaving with both silly Game of Thrones photos with their friends and beautiful, sparkly ones that they can take home to show their friends and families.

If you are wanting to host an event in the heart of downtown San Diego with beautiful views of the city and attentive staff members the Andaz Hotel is the perfect place!

Morrison Foerster Party

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