Christmas Gifts under ten dollars

Creative, budget-friendly Gifts this season.

1) Give Coasters. Photo Coasters –you’ll need a CD, a small piece of felt, Your favorite photo and Modge Podge/glue. Cut the photo so it covers the entire CD. Then glue the image to the CD, cover image with Modge Podge, glue felt on the bottom of the CD.
*Instead of CD, you can use tile if you want it to be sturdier

2) Give Cookies. Bake your favorite cookies or pastries for someone you love and include a nice Christmas card.

3) Give Music. Burn a CD with favorite tunes. Personalize it, and add pictures of that person on the front of the CD cover

4) Give Art. Buy a few paints at the store, and make an abstract painting for your special someone, frame and sign it.

5) Give a DVD. Record a short funny video of yourself. Say something meaningful and have fun.

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