4 Basic Tips on Outfits for Photos

Following these four basic tips for clothing when getting your pictures taken will help you get wall-worthy pictures.

Match Each Other (For Groups)

Decide beforehand on a theme, such as, khaki and white, or blue jeans and black tops.  Once you choose an outfit style, besure to communicate this to everyone that’s going to be in the picture. The last thing you want is dad showing up in surfer shorts while everyone else is in black slacks. Whatever you decide, be sure to discuss it with your photographer so he/she can make suggestions and prepare.

Match The Setting

This tip is for the custom, on-location shoots. An outdoor setting with a lot of greenery lends itself to outfits like jeans and white collared shirts.  If you’re in-studio, formal attire may be appropriate depending on the type of backdrop. As mentioned before, make sure to check with your photographer before the scheduled photo shoot.

Subtle Solids

Unless you’re in a fashion or lifestyle magazine photo shoot, it’s safer to lean toward solid colors or subtle patterns.  Wear a shirt that’s too loud and the viewer’s eye will be drawn away from your face(s).

Appropriate Shoes

If you’re wearing formal clothing, then compliment it with formal shoes. Bathing suits can be paired up with some nice matching sandals.  Keep your shoes matching and you’ll be able to get some full-length pictures that include your feet without looking like a 16 year old at a school dance.

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