Take BETTER photos with your phone at the Fair

Only at the fair, can you watch the pigs race, see all the new kitchen gadget tools, eat the best corn on the cob, sample Mexican funnel cake with Turkey Legs, and end the evening with deep fried Oreo’s.

Here are three easy tips so you can take better photos of you and your family.

1) It’s all about that frame. If your taking a landscape picture. Frame in a creative way by using rule of thirds. Imagine drawing a tick, tac, toe, on your picture- where the vertical lines meet the horizontal lens is where you should place your subject to get more dimension. With that said, try other ways of framing your shot. Take some fun pictures of eating a funnel with you subject close up, and use your camera to document your life in a creative way.


2) Turn your camera flash off. Too much flash is ugly and make subjects looked washed out! Try to capture the natural lighting. The San Diego fair has a lot of of natural lighting (at night). The ferris wheel and other rides have bright colors that can accentuate your photo. Turn off your flash. On the iPhone, click on the upper left hand corner, and select off.


3) Lock it down! Auto exposure give you more control over what area of the picture you expose for. For example, if you want to expose for someone’s face, just press and hold the persons face until you see the AE/AF lock appear on the screen. Then take the picture. Use the AE lock when your subject is backlit, or your photo looks too dark.


Thank you for being part of our world. We challenge you to play at the fair, create some incredible memories.

We would love to see your pictures on our Facebook page, send them to us, and above all—Have fun!

Cheers to a beautiful summer!

– Your smile and Picture Baker : )

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